Sunday, 27 December 2009

Billy's robotic adventure [working title]


Billy and his Father moved to a tiny island not so far away to build a utopia only six months ago. A utopia of peace and quiet with scientific wonderment. Billy’s father was a robot genius; he could build anything he liked, to the extent that he actually built all the animals on the island. He only did this because there are no real animals on the island.

This was a haven.

There’s a cow in the field. She doesn’t produce milk, just the finest oil.

The hens. They are mechanical.

Even the fish are mechanical.

Billy’s best friend is a small, orange mechanical fox who loves to jump and play all day.

There’s a lovely horse that lives in the field, she has been beautifully crafted by Billy’s Dad.

Mechanical Crabs, Ducks and a Moose.

A Manta-Ray, Shark, Stegosaurus,

Rats and Cats and Dogs.

The island was beautiful and everything was perfect. It was of robotic amazement. This is the perfect for Billy and his Dad to live.

....but no.

They missed people and the real animals. The robotic animals were fun, but they were nothing like the real thing. Billy and his Dad loved the mechanical animals; they treated them as if they were part of the family. If they were to ever to ever move back home, the animals would have to go with them. Leaving them to fend for themselves was not an option, they weren’t like real animals, they are more like people.

What we need is a device. A device of transportation. An ingenious contraption of transportation. Yes, yes. I shall do some designs. And before you know it we’ll be drinking tea with Grandma.

And with that he disappeared into his basement and got to work with some designs.

Billy was overjoyed that he was going to go home at some point soon. He could show his new mechanical friends to his human friends. Everyone will love playing with all the fun robotic animal friends. Billy’s Dad had obviously finished the planning stages as loud banging, sounds of saws and beeping blasted out of the vent from the basement.

Yay! Said Billy in oar. Soon there will be a large boat for all to ride home in.

Days past. Billy just sat outside and played with the animals except when he needed to go in for his tea and to sleep.

After about six weeks of working, Billy’s Dad came outside and said “Done”.

Billy ran up to him, excited at the prospect of the return home. The animals were gathered for the journey. The mechanical fish, shark and crabs were put into the pond.

KEEE-RAWR! The island shook with a terribly loud sound.

More shaking. ...Then nothing. What was happening? Where’s the boat? Billy was disappointed until...

...he realised that the island seemed to be floating. The island was flying through the sky. A flying, floating island.

The island flew homeward. And soon they shall be home.