Sunday, 27 December 2009

Billy's robotic adventure [working title]


Billy and his Father moved to a tiny island not so far away to build a utopia only six months ago. A utopia of peace and quiet with scientific wonderment. Billy’s father was a robot genius; he could build anything he liked, to the extent that he actually built all the animals on the island. He only did this because there are no real animals on the island.

This was a haven.

There’s a cow in the field. She doesn’t produce milk, just the finest oil.

The hens. They are mechanical.

Even the fish are mechanical.

Billy’s best friend is a small, orange mechanical fox who loves to jump and play all day.

There’s a lovely horse that lives in the field, she has been beautifully crafted by Billy’s Dad.

Mechanical Crabs, Ducks and a Moose.

A Manta-Ray, Shark, Stegosaurus,

Rats and Cats and Dogs.

The island was beautiful and everything was perfect. It was of robotic amazement. This is the perfect for Billy and his Dad to live.

....but no.

They missed people and the real animals. The robotic animals were fun, but they were nothing like the real thing. Billy and his Dad loved the mechanical animals; they treated them as if they were part of the family. If they were to ever to ever move back home, the animals would have to go with them. Leaving them to fend for themselves was not an option, they weren’t like real animals, they are more like people.

What we need is a device. A device of transportation. An ingenious contraption of transportation. Yes, yes. I shall do some designs. And before you know it we’ll be drinking tea with Grandma.

And with that he disappeared into his basement and got to work with some designs.

Billy was overjoyed that he was going to go home at some point soon. He could show his new mechanical friends to his human friends. Everyone will love playing with all the fun robotic animal friends. Billy’s Dad had obviously finished the planning stages as loud banging, sounds of saws and beeping blasted out of the vent from the basement.

Yay! Said Billy in oar. Soon there will be a large boat for all to ride home in.

Days past. Billy just sat outside and played with the animals except when he needed to go in for his tea and to sleep.

After about six weeks of working, Billy’s Dad came outside and said “Done”.

Billy ran up to him, excited at the prospect of the return home. The animals were gathered for the journey. The mechanical fish, shark and crabs were put into the pond.

KEEE-RAWR! The island shook with a terribly loud sound.

More shaking. ...Then nothing. What was happening? Where’s the boat? Billy was disappointed until...

...he realised that the island seemed to be floating. The island was flying through the sky. A flying, floating island.

The island flew homeward. And soon they shall be home.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Small fox, Big Adventure, Big Fox. Volume II : Hunter/ Hunted

The now large winged swooped over trees with great ease, his flying contained so much precision. The vile slop that the giant mad badger had given him certainly did the trick. He only ate it out of kindness, that and he was a giant badger. The large winged beast could not wait to rub his newly formed self into the mocking faces of his idiotic siblings. He was thinking about what to say to them.
'Maybe I'll use a pun based remark' he thought to himself.
He rattled his brains for puns, but unfortunatly foxes arn't the best for puns, so he thought that he would just stand there looking like an epic beast. That would do. They can bask in his glory.
He was getting closer to home, almost there.
The beast of a creature was so excited, he could hardly fly straight.
As he flew over the trees that surrounded his home, there were no foxes to be seen.
'Beggery' he shouted in his pure annoyance.
They were probably off in the bushes playing silly buggers as usual.
He looked around for them, they were no where to be seen.
'How ruddy typical' he muttered to himself.
The three sounds that fell out a nearby bush.
The giant fox looked behind the bush thinking that there would be no being larger than him.
As he pulled back a bunch of branches he saw a giant boar. At least 10 foot higher than him, his eyes were crazed and his face bloody. There had been some sort of a massacre.
blurted out of the giant fox's mouth. The boar screamed a vile scream and started to salivate all over the ground, he flipped his back legs in the air and growled. The scared fox started to run off, he couldn't deal with this non-sense. The boar began to chase. The fox ran as fast as he could until he realised that he had wings.
The fox pounced into the air and opened his great wings, the fox only just missed the boar's large yellow tusk by half an inch.
'Why are you here?' shouted the fox.
There was no reply.
The boar kept on running through the woods.
The fox beast was left hovering in the air bemused.
What had just happened?
This was all too much, he was a gigantic flying fox being chased by a gigantic crazed boar.
A few days ago he was a small fox doing what foxes do; napping, eating, just sitting about not having to care about giant boars rigging your legs off with there mouldy tusks.
'I don't like this' thought the fox
'I want to be a small fox again, things were easir then' he muttered to himself.

With that there was a flash of light and a long staircase formed from a high altostratus cloud.
The staircase sat beneth him.
The fox flew down to the bottom of the staircase.
What could be happening now?
The vile badger shaman appaered to be coming down the stairs.
Finally, he'll know what is going on.
Half way down the stairs the badger no longer looks like a badger, he looks alot more gassy than usual.
He was made entirely of gas.
And his face, his face wasn't there anymore.
Instead a mask.
A wooden mask.
The badger sham got to the end of the stairs and a mystical voice came out of the skies.
'Train him and he shall obey'.
'What'? said the fox.
'The boar is my creation, just like you. Train him'.
'Where's my family'? said the fox.
'I had to destroy them, they were a inconvenience, they would distract you. Train the beast and I shall apear again'.
The fox sat there confused although he knew what to do, he didn't really care that his family were gone. They were awful to him anyway.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Small fox, Big Adventure, Big Fox. Volume I

Deep in the woods there once lived a small red fox, he was the runt of the litter. His ribs were visible through his thin fur. It seemed that his mother didn’t care, she loved him the same. As the tiny runt of a fox grew up, he realised that he was very different than everyone else. His siblings had been learning to hunt, but he was unable to join in as his muscles were small to non existent. Plus, he was still tiny and could not keep up. He was no bigger than a rabbit. He didn’t mind being so small, it made him good at hide and seek. His brothers and sisters had different views.

‘Oi, you little beggar. Why don’t you roger off’.

They would shout. This pretty much happened everyday all day, they were ruining his confidence. His mother was his only friend; she didn’t want to intervene with al of the bullying nonsense. The tiny runt had had enough, he had put up with this awful behaviour for far too long now. It would never get better; he would always be smaller than the others. That’s the way it would always be. No one could do anything about it. He left the pack in the middle of the day when everyone was tucked away in bed asleep. He knew that no one would miss him apart from his mother, she had always cared about him. The fact of the matter was that his mother did not miss him, she hadn’t even realised that he had gone. The tiny runt travelled for days, not knowing where he was going or where his next meal was going to come from. On his journey he saw a lot of things that he didn’t even know existed.

Giant trees, mushrooms and blossom.

Pears, lakes and conifers.

Hedgehogs, apples and birds with giant horns.

He managed to stay alive by eating algae from the river that he was walking up, he didn’t mind. If he stayed next to the river at least he wouldn’t get lost. Weeks past until he finally fell down and past out from exhaustion, he was a goner.

He awoke, to the tiny runt’s surprise, he was still alive. He looked up. He looked around. He was in some kind of a cabin. It was covered in wall hangings, rugs, blankets and pottery. A strange figure walked in holding a large bowl, the figure placed the bowl in front of the runt. It smelt awful, like burnt sugar, bark and mould. The skinny fox looked up and saw the figure. It was not what he had imagined. He was horrified.

A gigantic, grinning badger with no more than fifteen eyes stood there gripping a large staff, mumbling under his breath and licking his lips. The fox almost jumped out of his skin (which probably wouldn’t be hard due to how malnourished he was), the creature seemed to be holding him hostage and feeding him pure rot. This however was untrue, the fox gradually realised who the creature was. He was told myths about a vile, giant shaman that looked after unfortunate animals in the disguise of a grotesque badger. The badger shaman pushed the bowl of brown gloop towards the tiny runt and winked. The tiny runt was slightly freaked out.

‘Will this make me better?’

He asked. The reply was simply a series of grunts and a lick of his lips. The runt was scared, the creature was strange, his eyes bounced as he walked and his neck was too large to accommodate his body. The poor runt ate as much of the gloop as he possibly could and then...

Ka-Boom! Bang! Wizzz!

The tiny runt was fully recovered. Surrounded by a green fog, he stood up. He was well again. But wait... he was larger than he used to be. A lot larger. He was almost as big as the badger shaman. Much larger than his awful siblings. The badger squealed in happiness. And nodded toward the door. The no longer tiny runt walked through the door and took a look at the world outside through the eyes of a tall creature. As he stepped outside, he realised just how big he was. He could eat grass off the near by tree. He was the size of a horse.

The fox stood forward, opened his wings. Wait, foxes don’t have wings. Apparently they do now. He jumped into the air and stretched out his wings and flew towards his home.

He was not expecting what he would find...